Who We Are

Our Foundation

Conovo Technologies aims to provide quality web, mobile, and games development experience at an affordable price. We are a growing team of 30+ passionate, creative, and dedicated designers, software developers, and business analysts. Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality! Please feel free to leave a message at any time with our software architects for a preliminary consultation about your projects. We would love to be a source of help.

Our Traits

  • Creative
  • Intelligent
  • Driven
  • Talented Team
  • Strong Leadership

We provide premium solutions to your problems.

Our Services

Website Development

Conovo Technologies aspires to develop websites completely aligning with your requirements. User-friendly, 100% responsive and mobile-first websites are what we always strive for. With adept and accomplished PHP (Laravel), Django, Angular JS, React.js, Node.js, Vue.js, and WordPress developers in our talent pool, we are raring to be the elite in the website development industry.

Mobile App Development

Conovo Technologies aims for developing staggering mobile apps that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We staff some of the best iOS, Android, and React Native developers. Having an accomplished and skilled team on our side, we are eyeing to go big in the mobile apps development industry.

Game Development

Conovo Technologies personifies your ideas by developing stunning games. We aspire to build the prime and striking games availing our Unity 3D and Unreal developers’ prowess. Plying our Oculus VR and HTC Vive expertise, we line-up to be the best in the game development industry.

Our Working Strategy

Step 1: Project Discovery

AI development initiates with the nucleus apprehension of the project. The gifted team by our side understands the topographic points for the sufficing reason to build a business case. Conjointly, we will reckon the procurable data and adjudicate on the success/failure criteria.

Step 2: Concept Sustainability

This state of AI development comprises of excerpting forthcoming data to body-build first versions of models and premix them with in-stock cloud services. This would snap an overview of affirm-able accomplishments with accessible data-sets and cater to a road map for model ameliorate.

Step 3: Execution

The models are activated, made available as batch API and integrated with the present system of rules. We incessantly evaluate the predictions the models bring forth and their outcome aligning with your business. This enables to showcase the fruitfulness for both parties, the ROI for you and project efficiency for us.

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